How to Rebuild an IBM Computer

Although times have moved on and IBM is no longer a major player (having sold their computer division to Lenovo) there are still a lot of their computers still out there. So much so that people still need advice on how to replace components and indeed rebuild them altogether. In this tutorial we look at how to rebuild an IBM. Specifically the IBM ThinkCentre. As always we recommend purchasing an anti-static strap to allow static electricity to dissipate. Otherwise use something large and metallic to touch allowing the surplus electricity to pass through you. We also recommend having a decent […]

How to Restore Log Files in Exchange Server 2010

There are two ways in which to restore log files in Exchange Server 2010. Depending on your knowledge and confidence it will make a difference as to which of the methods available you can use to do so. In this article we detail the two options available to you when it comes to restoring log files. The two options are referred to as Soft Recovery and Hard Recovery. Soft means replacing or restoring the files from existing files on the system, whilst a Hard Recovery means replacing the files from an off system backup. The second of these two options […]

How to Replace a Drive in a LaCie 2Big Quadra

For those of us who need to store a lot of data and access it quickly, the notion of Network Assisted Storage is becoming more and more commonplace. So much so that there is a flourishing market of affordable and dynamic equipment that can cope with the high-speed high volume demands of todays every changing IT infrastructure. One such device that we are going to look at is the LaCie 2Big Quadra running on USB 3.0 and capable of storing from 4TB to 8TB comfortably. This piece of kit is capable of storing and sending information back and forth to […]

How to Replace a Drive in a G-RAID

G-RAID is fast becoming one of the most popular ways in which to store information on your home or business network, allowing multiple users to store and access high volumes of data quickly. To this end the G-RAID family of NAS solutions (Network Assisted Storage) is affordable and allows ease of use for anyone from the casual IT user through to the administrator of large networks. As with all systems however there may come a time when a drive is in need of replacement. This may be because of damage sustained by misuse or a virus or simply because the […]