Data Recovery Process

Our recovery service is quick and easy to use. Contact us for a quote then send us your storage device. One of our engineers will get back to you with the details of our inspection and then we can get on with the job of recovering your data. Once we’ve recovered your data we will return it to you on a next day service. For a more detailed understanding of the process we undertake please read the following steps.

Data Recovery Process

1 Free Quote And Expert Advice

Our main goal is to help you recover lost data before it becomes lost forever. With this in mind we are on hand if you need to avail of our services in recovering your data from a wide variety of storage devices. Email or call us directly to speak to our friendly and professional recovery engineers who can offer you an initial diagnosis as to the nature of your hardware failure. We also offer a free quotation that will detail exactly the price you will pay if you wish us to commence recovery of your data. There are no hidden charges; the price we quote is the price you pay. After speaking to one of our engineers if you are happy to proceed, print out the shipping form that can be located on the Contacts page and package up your storage device. We recommend placing it in a secure container or box with as much padding as it possible to prevent any movement than is necessary in transit.

2 Free Diagnosing And No Obligation Quote

Upon receipt of your hard drive we will confirm our initial diagnosis within 24 hours. One of our engineers will contact you to discuss the options available and will confirm again the price you will pay for your Data Recovery. If you find this acceptable we will then move onto the next step which is to begin recovery of your data at the earliest possible moment. Remember, even at this stage there is no obligation; if you are not happy and do not wish to proceed there is no pressure and no strings. If you are happy with the costings we have provided and wish for us to proceed we will.

3 Recovering Your Data

We will begin recovering your data as soon as possible with the average lead time being no longer than 2-3 days. When the data has been recovered by one of our qualified engineers it is then stored on a secure server. We will contact you by telephone and then by email which will contain screenshots and a full and complete directory listing so that you can see for yourself that the data has been successfully recovered.

4 Sending Data Back to You

After you have verified that the data we have recovered is correct and has been recovered to the best of our ability, and your expectations, we can move on to reuniting you and your data. Payment for recovery can be made in full by credit card or debit card, bank transfer or cheque. We do not make charges for accepting payment via credit or debit card. When payment has been received we will make a full backup of your data to your chosen media and then make arrangements for it to be returned to you by next day courier; the price of which is already included in the price you pay.

Why Choose Edinburgh Data Recovery?

We at Edinburgh Data Recovery like to think we do things differently from other data recovery companies. And to that end we provide our clients with an upfront quote. This quote details exactly what they have to pay and what it is they are getting for their money. Our prices are fixed unless the storage device in need of repair has suffered mechanical damage. If the device has suffered mechanical damage then there may be an additional charge but as we offer all of our clients (new and old) a No Obligation quote they do not have to proceed unless they wish to do so. If they are happy to proceed then the price we quote is the price they pay. The backup of your data is free of charge for the first 30GBs and we back up the data, putting it on DATA DVDs for you. If the overall volume of your data is over 30GBs then you will need to purchase an external storage device onto which it can be saved. We can provide you with said device if needs be from our varied selection which we keep in stock.

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