Case Study 1: IBM Raid system not booting up

The IT Director came into work on a Friday morning as he had received an alert that the server was down. When he arrived the server was stuck on the boot up screen. He attempted to restart the server, but it would not boot. It would not go past the initial boot up screen. He went into Raid SCSI settings and noticed that the first disk in the raid array had failed – there was 6 disks in this raid server. He replaced the failed disk with a new disk and ran a rebuild. Unfortunately the Raid rebuild did not run correctly and bombed out after 62%. The IT Director phoned us at 1pm, we received disks in at 2pm and started work on imaging the 5 working disks. The Raid system was rebuilt and all the data extracted. The company had their data back for the start of business on Monday morning.

* Unlike other data recovery companies, we don’t work with the actual disks themselves, we always image hard disks and work with the images instead.