Case Study 2: Lacie Big Disk External Disk not getting recognised

A local photographer used a 2tb Lacie Big disk to store all his client photographs from the last 4 years. She had 4 wedding shoots from the previous week that was critical on the system. When the photographer connected the Lacie drive to the computer it was dead with no lights signalling any activity. We diagnosed over the phone that the system probably had electronic damage. When we received the disk we diagnosed it did indeed have an electronic fault, so we upgraded the electronics and firmware on the Lacie system and then extracted the data. We followed that by backing up all the data onto a portable hard drive for the client. 100% of the data was recovered from the system. We finished by offering the client free advice on a professional backup solution to avoid this happening again.

* We completed the above job within 24 hours, we have 14 years experience in recovering from external hard drives.