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Recover Your Data Safely With Iomega Hard Disk Recovery


I bought the Iomega media and backup centre as a replacement for an older external hard drive, and wanted to use it in the same manner. The old Iomega had lost power suddenly, and a lot of data was lost too. However, the new system seems to have a lot of problems, which has caused me to have trouble saving important information. For example, the IOMEGA Media and Backup Centre is very slow at either copying or deleting files, taking some time to complete 60% of the operation and then crashes my iMac. In addition, after only a short period of ownership, I am already finding problems with files that I have saved to the Hard Disk. For example, some files appear to be alright, on viewing are damaged. When I try to open them on iMac, or use my PC to copy them back onto the computer, the NAS is reset in the middle of the operation, causing it to fail. Right now, I need to know just how much content there is on the Iomega, and how much I can recover.


I own an Iomega Prestige external hard drive, with 1TB of memory. However, recently, I have been unable to locate the hard drive on my desktop. I cannot see it on the DMU (disk management utility), and although I can see a Mass Storage Device under the device manager, I cannot get into it, or do anything apart from install/uninstall. I have tried this, but it has not worked, and even after trying other ports on the desktop, it is still now showing in the DMU. I cannot access the hard drive, which means that important data on it will potentially be lost. Sometimes, I can see that the Iomega machine is online, but no drive letter appears, and the Disk Manager cannot reach it. It will not allow me to allocate a disk letter or path, and I cannot access it, or save to it. However, I have used it on a laptop, which was able to open it and allowed me to access files. In this case, I needed to access the program as Admin, so it appears that there is some problem in the Iomega with the Disk Manager.

Recover Your Data Safely With Iomega Hard Disk Recovery

Despite rumours to the contrary attributed to some of the greatest names in computing, it has always been acknowledged that as data storage increases in capacity, people will naturally find new and innovative ways to fill it. This could be with high resolution pictures and films, or it could be a lifetime’s worth of files and notes that really should be deleted but because the storage space is there they are kept. Although this trend of data storage systems growing ever larger does not seem to be stopping any time soon there are some down sides to having huge capacity data storage devices in relatively tiny housings.

Iomega drives are the perfect example of easy to use data storage systems that you can store all of your data on. Entrusting all of your data to a single drive may be a nice easy way to coordinate all of your data, but you are also risking losing all of it in one fell swoop as well because it becomes a single point of failure.

Saying that, Iomega external hard disks are very robust and they are able to cope with the large amounts of data that are written to drives every day. They are not immune to errors though, particularly user errors. It is not difficult to accidentally delete files that you still need. One slip of the mouse and you can find that whole folders of important files have been apparently deleted from your hard disk. In reality what you have done is deleted the pointers to the files and the system will have marked that section of the disk as being available for overwriting. As long as you do not write large amounts of data to your disk you can be relatively sure that you will be able to retrieve 100% of your files.

It is not just user errors that can cause failures in an external drive. There are also many other possible ways that damage can occur to the data on a hard disk that will make it inaccessible. With external drives being so small and portable they are often carried around to a number of different places and can be subjected to vibrations, impacts and other physical elements that may cause the data on the drive to become corrupted in some way. Electrical surges and virus infection can also cause significant damage to the contents of an external hard drive.

If you think your drive is corrupted and want some help and advice about what your options are, whether it is for the Prestige series of hard drives, the eGo series or the Ultramax or Minimax, you can give our Iomega data recovery engineers a ring in order to get a full diagnosis of the problem and the options that you have available to you. Our quotes are highly competitive, but we can also guarantee the highest quality service and the adherence to best practice so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your disk is in the best hands and that your data will soon be safely returned to you.