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Hitachi XL 3TB External Hard Disc Drive
I bought a Hitachi XL 3TB drive from a well-known online store in the summer and everything has been going well.  Unfortunately though over the weekend one of my cats knocked the drive off the computer table and it hit the floor with an almighty rattle.  After I swore at the cat and then picked it up the drive didn’t seem to want to work just as well as it had before (surprise surprise!). I now have a drive that occasionally recognises the computer and vice versa but for the most part it won’t do anything other than have a series of flashing front panel lights and make a hell of a racket.  The casing itself seems undamaged but I get the feeling that the drive has come off its heads inside.  I’m no expert mind you so I might be totally wrong.  Is there any way of retrieving the data?

Hitachi Deskstar 500GB Internal Drive HDS725050KLA360
I bought this drive – model number HDS725050KLA360 – some months ago and have been using it as part of a RAID setup.  My problem is all was great until I went on holiday and came back to find that when I switched everything back on this drive refused point blankly to boot up. It’s making noises that sound like it’s trying but that’s about it.  My computer is telling me that I can only access two of the other drives in my array but I need access to this one because I keep all of my digital photography files on it.  Even trying to boot up from another drive and access this one, as a slave doesn’t work.  I’m stuck and I really could use some professional data recovery help.

Hitachi Data Recovery to Retrieve Important Data

There is nothing more annoying than encountering problems when you are trying to access data and files on your Hitachi hard drive and finding that they are inaccessible. Although there are many different reasons why this happens, it is usually possible to recover the data from the hard drive by using anything from freely available recovery software, to specialist software and tools in order to allow the data to be reconstructed.

As already mentioned, there are a wide range of reasons why data becomes inaccessible on a computer hard drive. Perhaps the simplest reason is because you have accidentally deleted the files that you needed. This could be purely through an accidental deletion of a single file that was mistaken with one that was no longer needed, or it could be on a much larger scale if a hard drive is formatted without the required data being suitably backed-up. The latter situation is often found if an operating system is being upgraded where data should remain intact but it actually either gets corrupted or deleted as part of the process.

Other possible reasons for data becoming inaccessible involve damage to the system of some sort. It is possible that the operating system that is being used to manage the data on the hard drive becomes corrupted and so the data is not accessible because of the software issues. Internal hard drives are also susceptible to physical damage from physical impacts, but also possibly from exposure to extreme temperatures or water getting into the system. Electrical surges can also damage a hard drive and cause both physical damage to the drive as well as potentially corrupting the data stored on it as well. The final major source of damage is if the computer becomes infected with a virus as it is possible that it can spread through the files corrupting them and making them unreadable.

Some of the sources of hard drive problems are much easier to deal with than others and some you can even deal with on your own. However, no matter what you think the problem is, it is always worth taking the time to talk the issues through with one of our Hitachi data recovery engineers as they have years of experience in recovering data from Hitachi drives and they will be able to diagnose what is wrong with your drive over the phone in the vast majority of cases. This will allow you to decide on your course of action. Our experts will also provide you with a quote for how much it will cost to recover your data and how much time it will take. We have experience in recovering data from all of the Hitachi hard drives including the Ultrastar, Travelstar, Cinemastar, Deskstar and Endurastar hard drives. Our service level is second to none and so we can recover your data quickly and efficiently. If your job is particularly urgent we offer a premium service in which we will literally work around the clock until your data has been recovered.