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I have a 40GB Travelstar external hard drive by IBM that is not being recognised by the computer. I had it connected to my USB port 2 which was working fine until this morning. Now, the system is not only completely blank when it looks for the system, it also appears to be struggling to use the USB port at all. I thought, because of this struggling, that I might have a problem with the USB port, and so transferred the external hard drive to another port on my computer. This port, too, did not discover the Travelstar,  and other items placed in Port 2 are not located. The loss of the hard drive is something that I can’t cope with. Can you help me to recover the data contained on the IBM hard drive?

I have been using an IBM Ultrastar 9ES external hard drive which is connected to my laptop through the USB ports. This system worked fine for me until one day I found that the operating system was not there, and the system is saying that it cannot boot because there is no OS. It cannot see the hard drive in BIOS, so I think that perhaps everything that I have done to the system means that the drive is lost.

IBM Hard Drive Data Recovery

IBM, also known as Hitachi, produces a variety of computer and laptop devices and is one of the biggest names in the world in its field. Some hard drive designs introduced by IBM in the past have shown more susceptibility to failure than other hard drives on the market, which has given IBM somewhat of a bad name within the data recovery industry.

Despite this, IBM does product high quality products, although as with any hard drive they can be vulnerable to failure for any number of reasons. Devices that utilize IBM hard drives include servers, laptop computers, desktop, and notebooks. These devices can experience a hard drive failure because of the following reasons:

  • Damage from any type of accident
  • Liquid spills onto the device
  • Computer/server crash
  • Viruses and other logical problems
  • Malware infections
  • Bad sectors
  • Power surges
  • Power outages
  • Overheating
  • Damaged or corrupted partition tables
  • Wear and tear
  • Humidity

In addition to this extensive list of reasons an IBM hard drive can fail, there are other reasons as well. With this large amount of reasons an IBM hard drive can potentially fail, it’s likely that at some point or another data recovery will be needed when using one of these devices.
For many users of IBM devices, the first indication that there is a problem with the hard drive is a clicking or grinding sound that occurs when the device is operational. Other signs there may be a potential hard drive failure include error messages such as “Primary Hard Disk Failure,” “Boot Disk Error,” and “Secondary Hard Disk Failure.”

If any of these situations occur, the best thing the user of the device can do is immediately turn the machine off and consult a professional data recovery service like ourselves who is experienced in the retrieval of IBM data recovery.

Because of their portability and exposure to a number of different situations, IBM laptops are even more prone to accidents and less than ideal environmental conditions that can cause a hard drive to fail. When dealing with laptops in particular, it’s important to handle the device with a great deal of care and avoid doing things like leaving the computer in a hot car for an extended period of time. Actions like these can increase the probability of a hard drive failure. However, even with the most stringent precautions, hard drives do fail on a regular basis, and it’s important to recognize the warning sides and take the appropriate measures to ensure that data is recovered fully and quickly.

All too often, when an individual does experience a hard drive failure, for any number of reasons, they may try to fix the problem on their own. There are a number of do it yourself options available on the internet, from software to YouTube videos and when people experience a problem with their hard drive they frequently feel as if they can fix the problem on their own, simply by using these resources. This is not the case, and IBM hard drive recovery has to be completed by experienced data recovery professionals in a clean environment, to avoid further damage that can lead to the permanent loss of data.