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I have a Maxtor OneTouch hard drive with 500gb of storage, which is experiencing some problems. These problems began when I suffered a malware virus attack. I had to clean down everything, and this meant removing a lot of data onto the Maxtor. I have not yet been able to fully restore everything to the computer, as I need to clean it all before it can be freshly loaded, and so when the system suddenly disappeared, I was beside myself. I can look at the external hard drive in Disk Management, and it says there that the drive is almost full. However, when I open the folder containing the hard drive’s storage, I can’t find any files or folders relating to my information. All I needed to do was a full restore, but at the moment I can’t find anything at all. I am wondering if the virus could have attacked the hard drive in some way that has caused it to lose all of the files.

I have a Maxtor OneTouch III Mini which is experiencing some problems after I accidentally damaged the outside. What happened was that the connection between the OneTouch and the USB cable appeared to be coming loose. I realised that it had lost the ‘glue’ which kept it stuck onto the side of the external hard drive box, and so I decided that the best option could be to solder it back into place myself. When I did this, I seem to have accidentally damaged the connector, to the point where the drive won’t connect to the computer. I am no longer able to use the USB cable to provide communication between the OneTouch and the PC, and the computer won’t recognise the hard drive at all. I have tried plugging the cable into different ports on the PC, but it is not working.

Maxtor Hard Disk Recovery Can Retrieve Lost Files

Internal hard drives are made by a wide range of different companies with Maxtor being one of the more popular. Maxtor hard drives are reliable, but no drive is perfect and there is a slight possibility that your disk will suffer from some sort of fault that will then mean that your data becomes inaccessible. Internal hard drives are not only used for data storage, they are also used to host the operating system that allows you to interact with your computer. This is actually the most likely mechanism for you to lose access to your data as if the operating system develops a fault it will likely lead to your system not booting up, or having errors that will mean that you are not able to open your files.

These operating system problems can be addressed in a number of ways that can include attempting to repair the operating system so that the system operates normally again. In other cases where the operating system cannot be repaired it is possible to install a new version of the software so that then returns to normal operation. There are risks involved in carrying out both of these procedures that the data that is stored on the drive can become corrupted or deleted and so it should be backed up before any attempt is made to restore the operating system. If you are not able to access the drive to carry this out them you may wish to utilise professional services to carry out the task for you.

There are a multitude of other faults that can occur that include the accidental deletion of files, mechanical failure of the hard drive that then leads to corruption of the data, electrical spikes that cause damage to the drive and the data and also a virus infection that can cause significant amounts of corruption and damage depending on the particular type.

It is very rare that we are unable to recover any data or files from a damaged drive and so the first thing that you should do if you have a drive failure is to give one of our experts a call. The phone call is free so it is worth making the most of our years of experience in data recovery to assess your options. We have successfully recovered data and files from many different Maxtor models that include the Maxtor Diamond Range, the 6Y080I0, the 6Y160M0 and the 7H500R0.

When you ring us we can talk you through how the failure occurred and also provide you with a diagnosis in the vast majority of cases over the phone. We can then take you through the options that are available to you and give you the benefit of our experience. If you are thinking about having your drive professionally recovered we can provide you with an estimate of the cost and also the amount of time it will take to carry out the recovery. Unless your case is particularly complicated the general turnaround time is 2-3 days from the point at which we receive your drive.