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I’ve got a Barracuda 7200.10 hard drive using a SATA connection that has just reached two years of age.  In terms of hard drives it is still a baby but it has started making a tick tick sound and I can’t get it to load properly.  I was told that an update to the firmware would cure – or should cure – the problem and I did that with an update from the Seagate website.  The drive is no better and now I can’t get it to load beyond the black screen where it says ‘Primary Boot Failure – Insert Disk A’.  I’ve tried everything including trying to reboot the system using the operating system disk which allows me to start Windows in safe mode and then recommends that I run defragmenter.  Again I’ve deferred to the wisdom of the forums and the internet but am no further on now.  I’ve got a computer I can only start using the Windows CD but cannot make changes to the hard drive itself and have a few months worth of course work I need to pull down from it.  Is the disk totalled or is there anything I can do repair it without losing my stuff. Help me!!!

I’m using much to the laughter of my friends an old computer with Windows 98 and an IDE Barracuda 80GB (ST380215A) installed.  I can partition the drive and have done so and now I have two partitions of equal size; each of 40GB.  I’m using one of the partitions for the installation of Windows 98 and all my software and the other partition was originally designed for the saving of my data and downloads.  It worked well until I moved the computer when I left uni and moved into a flat.  I’m not sure if I have damaged the drive in transit although I did try to be as careful as I could with it.  I’m seeing the drive on my POST screen, as a secondary HDD while the ATAPI CD is my primary in case I need to boot up from CD.  Now I’m getting error messages telling me that there are errors on the disc but SeaTools says everything is fine and BIOS is skipping detection of the drive every so often.  I tried to backup the second partition with my documents and files on it but the back up keeps failing and I’m being told that there is an I/O error.  It won’t even let me copy from one partition to another.  I need your help please.

Get Your Files Back With Seagate Data Recovery

There is nothing worse than finishing a large piece of work that can have a number of files and large amounts of data within it that suddenly becomes inaccessible due to some sort of failure in your storage system. Fortunately all is not lost as we are experts in recovering data from many different types of system that include Seagate disks, both internal and external. If you are unlucky enough to find that your data becomes inaccessible, the first thing you should do is to call one of our Seagate data recovery specialists for a free consultation where you can get a diagnosis of the problem and also a quote for the costs and timescales it will take for us to recover your data for you. You won’t be obligated in any way to proceed with the work.

There are a number of reasons why hard drives fail and why data becomes inaccessible. Therefore some data is easier to recover than other data due to the nature of the issue. Some of the easiest issues to deal with are those where there has been a corruption of the operating system or the software that is used to access the data source. If errors in this software are introduced it can affect the accessibility, but by restoring the software the files will become accessible once again.

Accidental deletions of data can also be relatively easy to recover as long as no further action carried out on the drive. Deletions can be done either through the selective deletion of files that should not have been deleted, or through the bulk deletion of files on a disk when it is formatted. There are pieces of freely available software that can be used to recover data in these circumstances, but it is always advisable to get some expert guidance on the best way forwards for your particular brand of hard drive.

We have a great deal of experience with Seagate disks and we have recovered data from internal hard disks from a large range of model numbers. We have noticed that Seagate internal drives are susceptible to firmware problems that can allow internal mechanical damage to occur to the disk. The main disks that are affected are the Seagate 7200.10, Seagate 7200.11 and Seagate 7200.12.

We also have a lot of experience in recovering data from Seagate external drives as well. We have successfully recovered data from drives that include the FreeAgent, Barracuda, BlackArmor, Cheetah and Pulsar drives, but this is not an exhaustive list.

Of course there are other ways in which disks can be damaged and the data made inaccessible that include physical impacts to the disk, extremes of temperature, electrical spikes and also virus infections. Each type of damage will affect a disk in different ways and so there are a number of different methods, tools and pieces of software that are required in order to recover the maximum amount of data from the damaged disk.