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Western Digital Passport 1TB
I have a western digital Passport 1 TB external hard drive. I bought it around 6 months ago. It used to work well but recently my computer stopped recognising it. Every time I connect it to my Windows PC my computer doesn’t recognise it. A message is displayed “USB device not recognised: One of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows do not recognise it”. Drive doesn’t spins and I can’t access it.
WD Passport 250 GB
I have a WD Passport 250 GB external Hard Drive. I was transferring some music and video files of around 132 gb from my laptop’s hard drive to my WD external drive. During the transfer process I accidentally removed the USB cord. File titles on the external hard drive are normal but file size if just 32 kb or 64 kb instead of the correct size. As these were huge files and each file size was in the range of 5 MB to 1 GB. I don’t understand why file size is shown just 32 kb or 64 kb. In addition to this these files are inaccessible and I can’t open them. I have already formatted my external hard drive. But even now it says that there is no space left. I suppose files exist somewhere on my WD drive that’s why no space is left. I have tried to once more transfer same files from laptop to WD drive. Drag and Drop is working but once I drop the files in WD drive I see a message that no space is available.

Western Digital Data Recovery from Damaged Drives

Computer hard drives have developed rapidly over the past few years in terms of their size and it is not uncommon to have 1TB drives, particularly when considering external hard drives. This means that you no longer have to store your data on multiple disks and so most people will put all of their data on a single drive and make the mistake of relying on the robustness and the reliability of the drive rather than backing up all of their data onto an additional drive.

If your hard drive does develop a problem it can feel like the end of the world, particularly if you have a lot of personal or business data and files on a system. There are many different reasons why a hard drive develops problems, some of which are user errors, some are problems in the design of the hard drive and some are due to the hard drive being subjected to physical impacts, extreme temperatures or electrical spikes. The physical damage is particularly applicable to external hard drives as they are now so small that they can be carried around in a pocket making them the perfect portable device, but this also puts them at risk from all sorts of elements that could potentially cause them damage while they are being transported from one location to another.

One of the most frustrating problems that people encounter is that of user error. This is where the data corruption or deletion is because of something that they have done. Fortunately these are some of the easiest problems to fix, if you know what you are doing. There are a range of user errors that can range from manipulating elements of the operating system that lead to access to the data being disrupted through to the formatting of a hard drive without having first backed up the data that was on it.

Some of the more serious failures are virus attacks, which can cause significant corruption of the data that is stored on a system, and also physical failures of a hard drive, which can also cause corruption of the data making the task of recovering the data intact a complex one compared to the rather more simple recovery of deleted data.

So if you have problems with your Western Digital hard drives it is worth your while to give us a call before you attempt any data recovery yourself. Our advice costs you nothing and it may mean the difference between losing everything and recovering everything. Our Western Digital data recovery engineers can make a diagnosis of most problems over the phone both for internal drives, such as the WD5000AACS, WD800JB and WD3200JB, and external drives, such as the My Book range and the My Passport range among others. They can then provide you with advice about what your options are that include a no obligation quote for your data to be recovered professionally by us and how long it would take for us to carry it out. We have such a high success rate that we do not charge you if we fail to recover your data.