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Integrated Motherboards Increase the Cost of Laptop Repair


It will no longer go into the operating system from BIOS, but instead just hangs there, with a cursor in the top left hand corner. It is in the boot process, so it should be showing a Windows screen with the waving Microsoft icon. This is not happening, and there doesn’t seem to be any way that I can get into it. I can’t do a full system restore, because the partition contains data that I need.


I am looking for help with a Sony Vaio laptop which is causing me some problems. I am not able to turn the laptop on, as I can only get the screen to come on, and nothing else. Occasionally, when I press the on button, there is a brief message on the screen, which says that the computer has a desktop management problem. It then shuts down, but I can get into the system through the Vaio help button, after using the restore disks. However, the restore does not seem to take after I turn it off, because the computer will then not turn on again for several more tries. This remains the situation, and I don’t know what to do in order to recover the laptop system. I have a lot of data on the hard drive which I have been trying to move over to a hard drive which is connected through USB but it is not allowing me to backup my data.


Integrated Motherboards Increase the Cost of Laptop Repair

Desktop computer repair and laptop repair are generally quite different beasts altogether. The way in which the repair for each of these types of machine is done therefore needs to be tackled in different ways.

Inside a Desktop Computer

Desktop computers, PCs in particular, are made up of quite a lot of different small components. A typical desktop PC computer with have its case, and inside the case is a number of components which may have been sourced from different manufacturers. Don’t assume that if you purchased a Dell computer that it will have Dell memory inside for example – the manufacturers of these computers can pick and choose the internal components, slap a sticker on it, and call it, in this case, a Dell computer.
Inside the case you’ll typically see a large motherboard, which has a number of other components attached to it that can be replaced if they go faulty or if you want to upgrade them. These are things such as a processor, memory cards, a graphics card, and perhaps even more exotic cards like TV tuner cards. One of the fun things about desktop computers is that they can be customized in this way to give you the computer you want – laptops do not have this level of potential customization.

Inside a Laptop

Inside a laptop you’ll find roughly the same components, but due to the requirement to stuff as much electronics into a small space as possible, many more components tend to be integrated into the motherboard. Integrated components are those which cannot be replaced, and one can find them in both lower cost desktops and most laptops, but they are most prevalent in laptop computers. They also make laptops cheaper to make for manufacturers, so ultimately made your laptop cheaper to purchase.

Laptop Repair

Laptop repair can therefore sometimes be more expensive that desktop repair, depending on the underlying issue. A problem with a keyboard on a desktop computer is solved incredibly easily and for very little expense – get a new keyboard and plug it in. Try the same with a laptop and you’ll need the exact laptop’s keyboard replacement from the manufacturer, and it will need to be installed by a professional, requiring the machine to be opened up and the keyboard replaced.
Some components like hard drives can be replaced relatively easily when laptop repair is required, but it is still more expensive and troublesome than a desktop.
With integrated motherboards becoming more and more commonplace, both in low-cost desktop computers and in laptops, when it comes to repair the part that needs to be replaced is more commonly the motherboard, ramping up the price. Some skilled technicians could replace a part on the motherboard if it became faulty, particularly in the case of well-known brands, but when purchasing your laptop it may be worth weighing up the cost of an extended warranty against how much a potential laptop repair could cost you if something goes awry.