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The Basics of Finding a Professional Data Recovery Service


I have an old Toshiba Satellite C850D. I first saw that there was no backup partition in the drive, so I created one in order to put all of his data files into the backup. Then I restarted the system, and got an error message, saying EFI file missing or corrupted. This occurred at boot. I am not able to get back into the partition to extract the data that I have saved there, and I cannot go any further into the system than the Windows boot screen, which is displaying the message above.


I am using a Toshiba Satellite L455 which I need to extract data from. The laptop is quite old, and I wanted to retrieve data from the files before putting it away or selling it for repairs. The hard drive is failing, and so I thought that my best bet would be to recover the data from the drive before things got too bad. I then got a recommendation to use an enclosure. I have been using a manual which came with the enclosure, but I cannot get the laptop to recognise the enclosure at all. I have set up all the connections to Master in BIOS, so that they are the focus of the hard drive. I can actually see the drives when I go into Device Manager, and it is under Serial Bus Controllers. I can also see the enclosure when I look at it under Computer management, but here, there is no blue link, just a plain black name. The computer also says that the drive is not initialised and is unallocated.

The Basics of Finding a Professional Data Recovery Service

If you’re like most people, the data stored on your computer is of the highest importance. Typically, this is particularly true when data is related to your job or business. When your hard drive begins to show signs of failure, it can often send you into a feeling of panic.
When a computer begins to show signs that it’s on the fritz and data could be lost, the first mistake many people make is trying to fix it on their own. Data recovery is incredibly specialized, and making even the most minor mistake can lead to the potential for data loss that is permanent, and not recoverable, even by the most trained professional.

If you begin to experience problems with your computer, the most important first step is to contact a professional data service. There are a number of data services available, all offering what they claim are the best skills and the highest level of expertise to recover your data, but there are a few things that you should look for, before trusting you data in the hands of a recovery service.

Comprehensive Evaluations
A great data recovery service should offer customers an evaluation to assess the particular problem and the solutions that are available from the recovery company. For many companies, this is a no-obligation service.

A Range of Recovery Services
Top-notch data recovery services will offer a variety of services, including RAID recovery, hard drive recovery, laptop recovery, database recovery, email recovery, and more. By ensuring that you select a company that offers a broad selection of services, it will mean that you can have all of your recovery work done by one company, rather than having to go to several companies to handle different aspects of recovery.

Although it can seem tempting to select a company that offers flat-fee pricing or advertises extremely low prices, this probably isn’t going to mean a great recovery service. For example, a company that offers flat-fee pricing isn’t taking into account all of the specific work that goes into unique recovery efforts, and every job varies in complexity and severity. There are companies that offer services at a great value, but the prices should be within the realm of what other companies offer.

Success Rate
Prior to working with a data recovery service, ask about their success rate. This is very important and is typically a great indicator of the level of work the company provides. Anything over 90% is generally a good recovery rate, and means that you’ll have a much higher likelihood of having your data recovered by that company.

As you likely well know, privacy is vital when it comes to your sensitive data. A good data recovery service should always place the utmost importance on the level of privacy provided for your data during the recovery process. When data is involved, there is always the risk of security breaches and identity theft, so data should be handled confidentially at all times, to avoid these risks. Be aware of the security measures used by the company you decide to work with for data recovery.
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