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Hard Drive Repair

I have an older Compaq Evo D310, which is no longer working. When I turn it on, I find that the computer cannot boot up into Windows. Instead, it goes into the setup screen. I press exit in order to get out of it, it returns to the startup message with the logo. Then there is an error message which says something like ‘media test failure’. It then states that there is a non-system disk error, and that I should remove and then strike any key to continue. Now, I haven’t had any disks in the CD drive, and I haven’t got any USB attachments, so I don’t know what this means. I keep trying to repair it by going into the utilities and pressing R for repair, but it only goes back to the startup screen and that error message. I don’t know what this error message means, as I don’t have a non-system disk anywhere near the computer. Nothing happened just before this occurred, there were no error messages, installation problems, in fact no installations at all.

I have an older Compaq Presario SR1030, which is not working any more. It seemed fine until one day, when I tried to start it up. Instead of going through the usual systems, there was a strange message saying that there was a system failure. The machine then started an immediate backup of all files, without any instructions from us. As soon as the backup started, there was a ticking noise in the tower, and then the whole thing went absolutely dead. The screen went blank, and there was the sound of everything powering down in the computer itself. I have tried F10 several times, but there has been no response. I cannot even get it as far as recovery mode in order to try and set up the system again. It appears to have suddenly died, and I need to get work and data off of the drive.

Hard Drive Repair

For many people, hard drives are one of the most important tools used in everyday life. A hard drive is a valuable asset, because it stores data of all types, from pictures and other personal items, to important work-related information. When a hard drive fails and needs repair, it can be a very difficult time, and when it occurs in a professional setting, it can be costly and lead to downtime and decreased employee productivity.

Although the reasons vary, there are a few main reasons that hard drives often need repair, including:

Logical Failures

A logical failure is not the result of physical damage to the components of a hard drive. Instead, logical failures occur because of situations such as virus infections or because of an error. A logical failure can lead to data becoming inaccessible by the user of the computer. In addition to errors and viruses, logical failures can also occur because of accidental reformatting, lost partitions and corrupted files.

Bad Sectors

Bad sectors are also referred to as media degradation, and this is a problem that occurs when a hard disk develops bad sectors. If too many bad sectors are developed within a device, it makes it impossible to read the platters, which means a loss of data for the user. There is not one particular reason that a hard drive might experience bad sectors—reasons can range from viruses to physical damage that is the result of mishandling.

Mechanical and Electrical Failures

A mechanical failure is due to the loss of proper functioning of one of the components of the hard drive, such as a head crash or a problem with the motor.
An electrical failure occurs as the result of a device receiving the wrong amount of voltage, which can be due to a situation such as a lightning strike or a power surge.

Data Recovery and Hard Drive Repair

Unlike other aspects of computer repair, the repair of a hard drive is an incredibly complicated process, because if it isn’t done correctly, it can mean a permanent loss of data. Hard drive repair should not be attempted by an individual without the proper training, experience, equipment and environment. Additionally, traditional computer repair shops often don’t have the expertise to recover data from a damaged hard drive. The best solution if a failure occurs is to contact a data recovery service.
A data recovery service is beneficial because only the most innovative and effective tools and techniques will be utilized in the process. In addition to working to recover data, a recovery service will perform a full diagnostic exam on the device, to assess the cause of the problem, which will then allow the service to repair the hard drive and bring it back to proper working order. For example, if the problem is based on a mechanical issue, a data recovery service will not only save the data, but will also repair the component within the system that is causing the problem. Prior to ever performing repairs, the data recovery service will first work to recover all data.