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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I have a problem with an upgrade to my Windows XP Pro. I took my data off of the hard drive, formatted the drive again, and changed the motherboard in order to accept the new system, but each time I try to install the upgrade, I get a message saying that there is a previous OS present and the upgrade could not be finished. I have wiped the disk, so it should just be a matter of copying the upgrade which would include the new OS. I don’t understand why it won’t allow me to do this, but in the end I chose to upload the old version of XP Pro, and download my data back on to the drive. This is where the problems started, because I have opened the files on my drive, and they are all labelled as corrupt. Most of the pictures are tiny, about the size of a stamp, even when I enlarge them, and others are simply a blur of pixels. The Word documents are full of rubbish.


I have just bought a new PC, which has no OS installed into it. I put a Windows 7 Pro OS onto the computer, and allowed the system to boot up in its own time. I did this some months ago, and have been having no problems since. The difficulty now is that I am not able to recover documents which have been saved to the hard drive in the past. There was some kind of crash last night, and when I booted up the system and went into my desktop, I saw that a number of files were missing. The majority of the files which are there appear to have something wrong with them. Windows says that one of the drives (I only have one drive) has crashed, and that I need to recover the drive before the files can be opened. I don’t know what has caused this problem, but I do know that these files are important work files, and I need the data for projects. Without the data, I will be working long hours into the night, and I don’t want to do that if I can avoid it.

Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery

There are a wide range of different reasons why you might have trouble accessing the data that is stored on your computer. Therefore before you attempt any data recovery yourself you should give us a call and make the most of our years of experience in data recovery so that we can provide you with a free diagnosis over the phone so that you know exactly what the problem is and whether you may wish to attempt to tackle it yourself, or whether it is more complex that you thought and therefore wish our computer data recovery experts to recover the data for you. As part of your free consultation we can also provide you with a competitive quote for us to recover your data along with the timescale that the data recovery would occur over. Our quotes are provided without obligation and we are also so confident that we will be able to recover your data that we will not charge you if we fail.

Internal computer hard drives are most likely to fail due to either corruption of the operating system or through user error in accidentally deleting files from the system that were actually still required. If the operating system becomes corrupted it will be pretty obvious as the computer will not boot up and the drive will not mount. This means that you will not have access to the data that is contained on the hard drive through the operating system and so it will have to be accessed and resaved onto an alternative storage device in another way. It may be possible that the operating system can be repaired, but this has to be carried out with care in order to ensure that the existing data files are not damaged in the process.

The accidental deletion of files is a lot more straight forward to deal with and there is freely available software that may be able to help you to recover your data. This is because the deleted files have not actually been removed from the system; instead it is only the pointers to the files that have been deleted. If only a small number of files are involved you may wish to try a recovery yourself, but if there is a large number of files it may be prudent to obtain professional assistance in order to ensure file integrity and that all of the files are recovered.

Computer data recovery from systems that have had mechanical failures of firmware, electrical damage through electrical spikes in the supply current and infection of the hard drive by a virus are likely to require much more complex recovery procedures that involve taking images of the affected disks in order to protect the original data and to provide the greatest chance of data recovery. Our computer data recovery experts have experience in successfully recovering data from all of the major makes and models of internal hard drive so you can be rest assured that if you choose us your data will be recovered using years of experience and knowledge.