East Lothian Data Recovery

Data Recovery East Lothian: Our team of engineers have been recovering data from inaccessible or otherwise damaged hard drives and storage devices for over 16 years now. In that time we have successfully recovered data from many thousands of storage devices and prevented the loss of many thousands of man-hours worth of work both on a business and personal level. For further information and a no obligation quote contact us today on 0131 2020491.

Every computer user understands the value of their data on a personal level even though the person next to them or their family members may not. Our data recovery East Lothian engineers understand that for every computer user who has suffered the loss of data through no fault of their own, the inability to access your data can be frustrating and catastrophic dependent on its uses. For over 16 years we have been helping reunite business and individual computer users with data that would have otherwise been considered lost or unrecoverable.

Computers are now so much a part of everyday life that it is almost impossible to consider the idea of life without them, even if it is only for the purposes of storing family photographs and videos with a view to reliving those happy times at a later date. Our data recovery East Lothian engineers have recovered many thousands of hours’ worth of family videos such as weddings, christenings, anniversaries, university graduations and even kids’ sports days.

We understand the importance of your data whoever you are and as such have a hard drive recovery package to suit all pockets and all timescales. From home users to business users, sole traders to multi-nationals, we have helped them all get back on an even keel with their data after it was deemed to be written off and no longer accessible.

I didn’t get a backup made before the drive failed

Our data recovery East Lothian technicians known only too well how frustrating this can be. Most computer users make provision to perform a backup of their important data but sometimes life just gets in the way. An impromptu meeting on a Friday afternoon, a knock at the door when a friend comes to call, or simply being too busy and forgetting to do it; there are so many reasons why we can miss out on performing a backup and then falling foul of a failing hard drive.

If you have been the unfortunate recipient of an error message telling you your hard drive is not functioning correctly or indeed a message saying it is not working at all, we recommend switching off your computer to avoid further loss of data and calling us today on 0131 2020491. Our data recovery East Lothian engineers are on hand to take your call and provide you with an initial consultation which will include a diagnosis of the problem as well as our no obligation quote (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical failure). We will also explain the options open to you regarding our levels of data recovery and also how our No Fix No Fee guarantee works. If you are happy and want us to recover your data send your drive or other failed storage device to us at our data recovery centre. You can use Royal Mail (recording or registering it for peace of mind is advised as we cannot be held responsible if your storage media is lost in the post), courier or drop it in personally if you live or work nearby.

On receipt of your hard drive our data recovery East Lothian engineers will make a definitive diagnosis of the problem and report back to you with our findings. We do this via email and provide you also with a detailed list of all the data that can be recovered. If the data is larger than our standard 30GBs allowance we will ask that you purchase an external storage device from our extensive stocks. Once you are happy for us to proceed we ask that you make payment to us via credit or debit card or BACS transfer and on receipt of payment we will recover your data to its new media and return it to you via next day courier. Contact us now on 0131 2020491 for further information, a no obligation quote or to find out how to book your storage device in for recovery. Our lines and data recovery centre are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.