Grangemouth Data Recovery

Data Recovery Grangemouth: For the last 16+ years our dedicated and experienced engineers have been helping individuals, SMEs, corporations and large multi-nationals to recover data that would otherwise have been lost to them. From hard drives to external hard drives, RAID arrays and Network Assisted Storage (NAS) and USB memory sticks and cards, we have been retrieving data and enabling individuals and companies alike to return to productivity sooner rather than later. Call us today on 0131 2020491 for more information and a no obligation quote.

Many small to medium sized enterprises and larger companies use networked storage devices these days to enable their multiple numbers of staff to access data and write to it at the same time. Our data recovery Grangemouth engineers have been helping such companies and organisations recover data after these networked setups have failed or have had specific drives or nodes fail within them.

For smaller companies the RAID setup seems to work best and allows them to access their data across a network whilst making changes to it on a cost effective and easily upgradable level. Our data recovery Grangemouth engineers have been called upon to help though when a drive or more than one drive has failed in a RAID setup, leaving only some of the drives functioning and only partially updating. In doing this we have helped save valuable customer data and operations data and have helped these companies return to full capacity in a shorter than normal timespan.

We can also provide, as part of our RAID recovery service, the opportunity to have an engineer onsite when it comes to a RAID rebuild in order to ensure that everything goes to plan upon the installation of new drives and the reinstallation of recovered data.

Our RAID array has ‘Hot Swap’ why do we need you?

A lot of the newer RAID arrays have the facility to ‘hot swap’ whereby a failed drive can be exchanged for a new one whilst the system is still operational. And whilst this is a good idea in theory our data recovery Grangemouth engineers know that in practice it is not always straightforward. This is often the case when confronted with conflicts between new drives and older controller cards or software controllers.

If you have a RAID device that has suffered from a failed drive then contact us today on 0131 2020491 and a member of our data recovery Grangemouth team will talk you through the options available to you (a) in terms of budget and (b) in terms of timescale. Timescale is particularly important if you are a business with a large client base to oversee. We will provide you with an initial diagnosis of the problem as well as a no obligation quote and in addition will explain how our No Fix No Fee guarantee can work for you. (Our quotation may include an additional fee if the drive has failed because of mechanical damage). If you are happy with our diagnosis of the problem and our quote and wish us to recover your data we ask that you send the data to us at our data recovery centre. You can use Royal Mail or courier or if the recovery is something that needs to happen urgently you can deliver it yourself to our data recovery centre.

Having received the drive to be recovered our data recovery Grangemouth team will make a definitive diagnosis and report back to you with a fully detailed list of all the data that can be successfully recovered. (If the data is larger than our normal 30GBs standard allowance we will ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stocks). If you are happy to continue we ask that you make payment via credit or debit card (company or private) or BACS transfer and we will recover your data to its new media and return it to you via next day courier. If you would like more information on how we can help you recover data and rebuild your RAID setup call us now on 0131 2020491; our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm as too is our data recovery centre.