Kirkcaldy and Dysart Data Recovery

Data Recovery Kirkcaldy and Dysart: We offer a range of specialist, bespoke data recovery options that allow for the recovery of important data that would be deemed otherwise lost. From individual users to multi-nationals our experience and services has helped to successfully complete thousands of data recoveries annually. Call us today on 0131 2020491 for more information and your no obligation quote.

What is data loss? It is a question that haunts computer users all over the world because the truth is there is no real answer that you can put your finger on. Our data recovery Kirkcaldy and Dysart engineers are often asked this when tasked with the job of recovering data from inaccessible hard drives and other storage devices. The truth is the data is not always lost but simply inaccessible because of a problem with the hardware or a conflict between software and hardware alike.

For the most part the loss of data is frustrating and can have serious consequences to your business or – if you are an individual perhaps in the throes of a university degree – your dissertation. A great many computer users try to recover the data themselves using third party software available off the shelf or via the Internet but as our data recovery Kirkcaldy and Dysart engineers can vouch, this is not always successful. It is unfortunately the case that sometimes said software can make matters worse and very few recovery programs offer anything in the way of a suggested rate of recovery.

Likewise other users have tried to install a new operating system onto the hard drive in order to ‘kick start’ it but this can simply write over the data that is already there – if the drive will allow this – and make the recovery process even harder if possible at all. If you are considering a hard drive recovery by professionals such as us we would recommend against trying to reinstall an operating system as this can often result in the reformatting of a hard drive and permanent loss of data.

Why Third Party Software is not always successful?

As we have already mentioned our data recovery Kirkcaldy and Dysart engineers have been asked to try and recover data after it has been attempted using third party recovery software. We would strongly advise against this practice as such software can alter file structures, directory listings and can even go as far as making previously readable sectors on a disk inaccessible if it deems they are a threat.

If you have suffered the loss of important data because of a failing or faulty drive call us today on 0131 2020491 and speak to a member of our data recovery Kirkcaldy and Dysart technical team. We will provide you with a preliminary diagnosis of the problem as well as our no obligation quote (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage) and details of our No Fix No Fee guarantee. If you are happy with our quote and our explanation of the problem and wish us to recover your data then we ask that you send the drive into us here at our data recovery centre. You can do this by Royal Mail, courier or in person if you so choose.

Receipt of the drive taken care of our data recovery Kirkcaldy and Dysart engineers will make a final diagnosis of the problem and then report back by email. We will provide you with a list of all the data to be recovered and if you are happy with this (we may ask you to purchase an external storage device if your data exceeds our standard 30GBs allowance) we will ask you to make payment to us via BACS transfer or credit/debit card. Payment received we will recover your data to its new media and return it to you via next day courier. For further information, a no obligation quote or to book a faulty storage device in for recovery, call us today on 0131 2020491. Our lines and data recovery centre are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (except Christmas Day and Easter).